Guruji Biography

Swami Chidghananand Parivrajak is the main spiritual leader of the Shiv Dham Hindu Temple since its establishment in December 2002. He was initiated into the Shri Vaishnav Sanyas order in 1995 by his Guru Yogi Vishvatma Bawraji Maharaj and has been part of the Brahmrishi mission for over 20 years, traveling it's various branches  in India, The Netherlands, England, Canada, Surinam, Trinidad and the U.S.A to spread his teachings and guide disciples all over the word into the path of Sanatan Dharma.
Swamiji Picture
He is a devout disciple of Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawraji Maharaj who is the founder of the International Brahmrishi Mission as well as an accomplished yogi. Swamiji has studied intently and is very well versed in the main scriptures of the Sanatan Dharma such as: Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan, Upanishad's , Yoga and Sankhya Philosophy and Purana's from 1985-1995. 

Swamiji is a monumental speaker, touching the lives of those who have the fortune to hear his pravachans (lectures).  He has a gift for encouraging disciples to change their way of life, bringing them closer to spirituality and dharmic ways. He continues to lead yoga camps/ classes, hindi and sanskrit classes, and youth camps at the temple. Aside from teaching in the Hindu community, Swamiji has also given lectures in philosophy at many universities in the USA.

A unique thing about Swamiji, is that despite his sea of endless knowledge,  he is able to clearly communicate and connect with the younger generation, allowing them to learn, benefit, and hold on to their roots of culture and spirituality which is tremendously important in today's day and age (Kalyuga). His disciples look to him for guidance in all walks of the life and he is well loved not only by his disciples but also by society, in fact, he was recently given a certificate of recognition by Orange County. 

The Shiv Dham community in Orlando is so very grateful for his presence and teachings, and cannot thank him enough for all that he does for the community.